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Bulk Inventory Buyers is THE premier closeout buyer. Money in your pocket now!

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Bulk Inventory Buyers  is a reliable resource for liquidating and selling your closeouts, surplus, and overstock inventory. Our goal is to provide our customers with a liquidation service that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. Bulk Inventory Buyers is one of the largest inventory liquidators specializing all types of closeout merchandise.
We are a reliable closeout and overstock source who buys from small companies as well as major corporations, many on a exclusive basis for their closeout inventory. We purchase returned and excess inventory from catalog companies, department stores, manufacturers, and internet retailers. By facilitating the movement of inventory we are helping the retailer, distributor and manufacturer providing a platform for expanded trade success and resources beyond their current market. We can place your inventory in the market that assures you the best return.
We move large lots of merchandise regardless of its condition:

Customer returns
End of season merchandise
Discontinued products

Bulk Inventory Buyers Help Companies Solve Many Problems With Their Excess Inventory

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Bulk Inventory Buyers can help you solve many problems. Besides being extremely easy to work with, Bulk Inventory Buyers can (and do) the following:

Improve earnings per share, generate immediate cash flow and improve company’s balance sheet
Eliminate markdowns/losses usually associated with problematic assets
Free up valuable warehouse space
Clean out your stale merchandise and keep your inventory current. Your customers will be able to focus on current merchandise, rather than last years residuals. It will allow you to concentrate on selling profitable items, making your business more productive and efficient.
Unload odd-lot quantities of many SKUs
Maintain low profile and avoid channel conflict
Expand market reach with over a thousand new potential retail/wholesale customers worldwide

Call us today and let’s get started!!!

Bulk Inventory Buyers Wants To Purchase Your Closeout Inventory

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Having the right partner in this evolving and competitive retail marketplace is important. When selling your overstock, overruns, liquidations, closeouts, discontinued items and surplus lots, Bulk Inventory Buyers is THE wholesale distributor you can trust to channel your merchandise to final sale—quickly, professionally, and efficiently.

Decades of market expertise with an untouchable reputation.
In this industry, having a longstanding history like ours speaks for itself. But it’s the relationships we build and maintain that set us apart—helping us earn a top D&B rating for our honest, straightforward approach to doing business, our responsible ethics and the values we uphold.

Solely dedicated to the secondary marketplace, we’ve worked with many top global brands who sell well-known products at the nation’s major retailers. We’ve proven our knowledge and reliability as a viable and lucrative resource. When dealing with closeout products, time is often critical, and we react quickly to purchase inventory and get it ready for wholesale. When you sell closeout inventory to Bulk Inventory Buyers , it will move!

The fair, honest and direct negotiation you deserve.
We take pride in the quality merchandise we sell and the value we offer. That’s why we keep it simple to sell closeouts to us—always respecting your business, products and privacy. Discretion is key when moving products through secondary market distribution channels; we respect this and will always protect and uphold the integrity of your brands.

End-of-lifecycle and unsalable solutions that work.

Let us show you how with the right strategy, the right retail network and a trusted partner like us, there’s no such thing as unsalable. Learn more about our successful solutions now.

Bulk Inventory Buyers Purchases Excess Inventory and Closeouts

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When you sell to Bulk Inventory Buyers, our long closeout experience guarantees that the deal is done right. We take every precaution to see that the vendor’s primary distribution channel is not disrupted; we only sell to end users. Our state of the art warehouses can receive and distribute any size inventories. This allows our buying team to make the decision your merchandise requires. We specialize in the liquidations of all kinds of closeouts.

There is no quantity that is too small or too big. We pay cash in advance for most inventories and send in our fleet of trucks to pick up the goods anywhere in the nation. Bulk Inventory Buyers’ wide array vendors include Fortune 500 companies and small local manufactures. We adhere to any restrictions the vendor has and our clients do not advertise any brand names.

Our process is simple and easy. THE WAY IT SHOULD BE!

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