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Bulk Inventory Buyers will purchase your inventory.

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We are buyers for excess inventory, and have the ability to buy take-all quantities for immediate shipment and turn your liabilities into cash.

Bulk Inventory Buyers is one of the nation’s largest closeout buyers & distributors. We are a trusted resource for many of the world’s largest consumer brands for buying and reselling selling their closeouts, excess inventory, and discontinued products outside their normal channels of distribution.

Types of Closeouts we buy include:

  • Discontinued Products
  • Excess Inventory
  • Overruns
  • Packaging Changes
  • Misprints
  • Bankruptcies
  • Buy-Back’s
  • Irregulars
  • Order Cancellations
  • Refurbished Products

We are buyers for your goods, not brokers. This means that our take-all offers are to buy the goods for immediate shipment, and for us to pick up the goods and bring them to our warehouse. We are not pre-selling your merchandise or asking you to drop-ship. Once the goods reach our warehouse, we distribute the goods to a network of off-price retailers – a safe and effective way to make your goods “go away quietly” without disrupting your normal channels of distribution.

Whether you are a small, developing manufacturer or a major national brand, closeouts & excess inventory are a natural byproduct of brand growth and product life-cycle. There comes a time when excess inventory becomes a liability and is no longer worth storing in your warehouse or becomes financially unhealthy on your books. Bulk Inventory Buyers specializes in alleviating the pains of excess inventory, and can quickly and fairly work with you to finalize a sale to move the excess inventory in one transaction. We pride ourselves on being extremely easy to work with.

What is Excess & Overstock Inventory?

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Bulk Inventory Buyers can help you turn your excess and overstock inventory into cash. What is excess and overstock Inventory?

Excess inventory, Overstock, Ageing stock, or surplus inventory, is the consequence of some type of mismanagement of stock demand due to factors consisting of over-buying, Seasonal Overstock, inaccurate projections, canceled orders, bad economy, unexpected climate change, or late or early delivery of goods that has not yet been sold and that exceeds the projected consumer demand for that product. Excessive stock is likewise connected with loss of revenue owing to additional capital bound with the purchase or simply storage space taken. Excessive inventory can result from over delivery from a supplier or from poor ordering and management of inventory by a buyer for the inventory. When relating to overstock or excess inventory in the form of consumer goods in a retail operation, the term refers to goods that have never been purchased by a customer but that are considered excess stock or inventory from retailers, showrooms, distributors, wholesalers shelves and/or company or brand warehouses. Excess inventory is typically discarded of in the following ways: returned to the manufacturer, brands or original distributor / wholesalers / retailers, liquidated to companies that then resell it on the secondary wholesale or retail market, sold at an extreme discount to existing customers, sold to salvage companies which then process metals and components of value. The prior damage caused by excess inventory is an early exhaust of cash flow, and later the loss of free disposable capital for investing.

Bulk Inventory Buyers will help your sell your overstock inventory

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Bulk Inventory Buyers will help you sell your overstock inventory

If you want to sell your overstock, you can convert your surplus inventory into cash now and help improve your business. Selling your closeout merchandise significantly helps your company’s cash flow and bottom line. By selling overstock to Bulk Inventory Buyers you can get back a portion of your cost of production for obsolete and unsold products. This will make room for new products that are in demand. You will also have more time to concentrate on selling more profitable goods; also you will form a partnership with one of the largest wholesale liquidators in the industry. Although we are buyers of overstock of all categories, we are especially interested in closeout housewares and wholesale licensed closeouts.

Spending money to warehouse outdated and obsolete closeout merchandise is not practical. Expenses for maintaining the warehouse space further erode your company’s bottom line. If you need to liquidate inventory, consider selling your closeouts to Bulk Inventory Buyers and have fresh capital to invest in new merchandise. At Bulk Inventory Buyers we understand your concerns, we understand that inventory reduction is necessary, and we understand how important it is to have a partner who is invested in helping you dispose of unwanted inventory. We are excess inventory and closeout buyers.

We have extensive expertise in the wholesale overstock business. You can expect nothing but transparent and honest transactions from Bulk Inventory Buyers. Our company employs the fastest way to turn your excess burden into cash. We are financially and logistically capable of buying large volume closeout craft supplies, closeout toys, luggage closeouts, housewares closeouts and much more. We are dedicated to helping you understand what your product is worth in our market so we can buy your excess inventory, and become a key closeout partner with your company. If you have been wondering where to sell excess inventory you have found the right place.

Turn Inventory Into Cash Today!

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Turn Your Merchandise Into Money Today, Not Tomorrow!

If you want to sell your overstock and surplus inventory to Bulk Inventory Buyers today, simply fill out our online form and attach any necessary photos to help us make a decision. We are always looking for new closeout to buy, meaning that there are always opportunities to sell to us! As with most closeout buyers or any inventory buyers, we’re always open for business. We understand business, paying the bills is a 356 days a year. That’s why we’re always looking here for you, and we’re sure to become your go to closeout buyers.


We Are Inventory and Closeout Buyers

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We are inventory and Closeout Buyers Looking To Buy Right Now! 

Bulk Inventory Buyers is always interested in what you have to sell for any reason, from a few cases to truck loads. Not only can you purchase all of the quality closeouts that you need from us, but we’re also closeout buyers as well! We purchase various types of closeout products including excess inventory, general merchandise, liquidation merchandise and closeout products, offering you a lucrative way in which to turn your overstock and extra items into money that you can reinvest in your business.

Bulk Inventory Buyers,  we buy products in all of the categories available on our website including seasonal merchandise, jewelry, housewares, office supplies and more. If you have it, we will purchase it! If it doesn’t fit one of our categories, call us anyways. Who knows, we just may well be interested.

We purchase various types of closeout products including excess inventory, general merchandise, liquidation merchandise and closeout products, offering you a lucrative way in which to turn your overstock and extra items into money that you can reinvest in your business.

Bulk Inventory Buyers Specializes

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What Does Bulk Inventory Buyers Specialize in?

Bulk Inventory Buyers specializes in selling Liquidated Merchandise from many of the nation’s largest retail, big-box chains, and online retailers for pennies on the dollar. If you’re looking for shelf pulls, overstocks, closeouts, display models, product withdrawals, discontinued, clearance items, and customer returns, we’ve got them all. We work with facilities all over the country to deliver you the best product at the best prices.


What is Excess Inventory

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By definition, excess inventory is inventory that a retailer no longer wants sitting on store shelves or a manufacturer wants out of their warehouse. Large retailers need to constantly clear out their remaining old inventory to make room for the new. Large retailers must keep up with the latest products and replenish their stock with the newest models on the market. They are also always getting returns. Product comes back for a variety of reasons, but it all becomes excess inventory that must be dealt with outside of normal retail sales. When faced with large quantities of excess inventory, companies are forced to take a loss just to clear out the excess. They typically call up their liquidator who buys it all at pennies on the dollar. These large liquidators then break up the inventory and sell it to smaller buyers at big markups.


Wholesale Liquidators. What To Know!

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Wholesale Liquidators And Auction Liquidators. What You Should Know.

Wholesale liquidators are suppliers who have huge selections of wholesale, closeout, overstock, and surplus merchandise in their own warehouses. Frequently, they do buy directly from large retailers. These large retailers, however, add markups since they house hundreds of thousands of products and need to remain profitable. They distribute their inventory to large buyers.

Auction Liquidators auction off their excess inventory and merchandise. The prices are not fixed, as buyers are able to bid and compete amongst other bidders. They distribute inventory to smaller buyers or consumers. Auction liquidators typically hold auctions in a physical location and charge potential buyers a fee to bid on the auctions.

Bulk Inventory Buyers is THE premier closeout buyer. Money in your pocket now!

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Bulk Inventory Buyers  is a reliable resource for liquidating and selling your closeouts, surplus, and overstock inventory. Our goal is to provide our customers with a liquidation service that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. Bulk Inventory Buyers is one of the largest inventory liquidators specializing all types of closeout merchandise.
We are a reliable closeout and overstock source who buys from small companies as well as major corporations, many on a exclusive basis for their closeout inventory. We purchase returned and excess inventory from catalog companies, department stores, manufacturers, and internet retailers. By facilitating the movement of inventory we are helping the retailer, distributor and manufacturer providing a platform for expanded trade success and resources beyond their current market. We can place your inventory in the market that assures you the best return.
We move large lots of merchandise regardless of its condition:

Customer returns
End of season merchandise
Discontinued products

Bulk Inventory Buyers Help Companies Solve Many Problems With Their Excess Inventory

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Bulk Inventory Buyers can help you solve many problems. Besides being extremely easy to work with, Bulk Inventory Buyers can (and do) the following:

Improve earnings per share, generate immediate cash flow and improve company’s balance sheet
Eliminate markdowns/losses usually associated with problematic assets
Free up valuable warehouse space
Clean out your stale merchandise and keep your inventory current. Your customers will be able to focus on current merchandise, rather than last years residuals. It will allow you to concentrate on selling profitable items, making your business more productive and efficient.
Unload odd-lot quantities of many SKUs
Maintain low profile and avoid channel conflict
Expand market reach with over a thousand new potential retail/wholesale customers worldwide

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