How To Sell Excess Inventory To Bulk Inventory Buyers

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How To Sell Excess Inventory To Bulk Inventory Buyers

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Have you ever wondered how to sell excess inventory? Who do you contact, are they going to be professional that will minimize your time and maximize your money or people that aren’t experienced. Well, Bulk Inventory Buyers are here for you, we have been buying excess inventory for more than three years now. We have a simple liquation process that minimizing time, and maximizes how fast you get paid. If you need to learn or sell your excess inventory, we are here to help you learn.

How To Sell Excess Inventory to us

When business owners or employees contact us, we always here this “I didn’t know how to sell excess inventory” before we meet you guys. Currently in the market there are a few ways to sell your excess inventory, but three years ago Bulk Inventory Buyers started a new process, since we believed it was better than anything out there.  When your learning how to sell surplus inventory, you might find a number of ways on how to sell your excess inventory such as auction sites. Although, as a company we felt that many business owners were finding this to become a headache. One of our clients called it, “ebay for liquidation,” that wasn’t in a good way.

The problem business owners faced on auction sites were trying to have enough time answering loads of questions from possible buyers all to end up with no bids from those buyers. Trying to find an excess inventory buyer seemed easy at first with this market place of buyers, but after some time they learned that it took too much time out of their day. They were left running around trying to answer question, making calls, and answering emails. That’s why we have made the process super simple, just call us… Yep, that’s it, you just call us or fill out our form here.

We Changed Up The Game on How to Sell Excess Inventory

Instead of bothering with auction that can become a time consuming and very short term.  Here at Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc., we want to make this process extremely easy for you and build a long term relationship for all your excess inventory needs.  We aren’t only worried about making it easy, but making it FAST! That’s why once you submit your inventory to us, we will get back to you within 24 hours.


Here The Steps on to Sell Your Excess Inventory

1)   Have something to sell?

    •  Create a list of all the inventory you’re looking to sell either in some digital document like Word.


2) Once you have your list ready, find someone like Bulk Inventory Buyers to send that list to; and get a quote.

Tip: Make sure they will pick up your inventory


3) Once you agree to the quote, a reputable liquidator will pick up the inventory from here you don’t have much to do. Making you’re inventory easy to be picked up, will help with the process once the pick up truck comes to move your excess inventory.


When your trying to figure out how to sell excess inventory you can stop learning or trying. Take these actionable steps now, and you can be done within hours. Selling your inventory doesn’t have to be a hard process, I hope we have shown you that it’s a easy process. If you have any questions please let us know.




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