Why We Are Different Than Many Liquidation Companies

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Why We Are Different Than Many Liquidation Companies

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If you’ve ever tried to get rid of all your excess inventory you know what a problem it can be. It can be a virtual nightmare with many liquidation companies. We aren’t just boosting about ourselves here, we truly believe we have a better liquidation service. There tons of liquidation companies, so you might be asking yourself why is Bulk Inventory Buyers different. Well, let us explain why we are the best, and how we can help you.

Liquidation Companies  Vs. Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc.

Bulk Inventory Buyers Inc is a family run business, we aren’t some  giant company that leaves you feeling like another number.Unlike many  liquidation companies we understand your needs and concerns when you face these issues. Not the least of which is looking to get fair value out of your inventory and making the best use of your time. No one knows better than we do that time is money, after all.That’s why our goal is to save you plenty of time and money. Unlike some liquidation companies we’re not looking for a quick buck, but to build long term relationships. This is good business for everyone involved. From paying first and then setting up a appointment to picking up your excess inventory at your convenience, to always being open to your input and feedback, our aim is to make this a win / win experience. With us customers truly come first just like they should. Repeat business is the best kind of business. This is how trust and relationships are built.

Here Three Things that Make Us Different from Other liquidation companies

  1. We Pay Up Front unlike other  many other liquidation companies
  2. Our Turn Around is mostly 24 hours. ( No more waiting for auctions or call backs from  liquidation company)
  3. We do all the leg work by picking up the inventory in a timely manner

We Can Help with your Liquidation Needs

Business trends can be fickle so we understand well how you can end up with excess stock and inventory. It’s part of the game. A part we can help you work around and make the most of. No more waiting around for a return that never comes. We’ll act fast, 365 days a year, to help you keep your company profitable by working with you to regain some of your losses quickly and without unneeded stress. There’s lots more about us on our web page, so take the time to explore what we’re about. Knowledge is power and we’re confidant you’ll want us in your corner once you’re able to make a informed decision. Don’t waste your time with other liquidation companies or auctions sites that pull you around. We mostly get our offers out within 24 hours, pay upfront, and handle all the inventory pick up for you.

How Does It Work?

Once you decide it’s time to get payed for that excess inventory that you’re just not going to sell otherwise, the process is simple. First give us a call or drop us a email and let us know what exactly it is you’re trying to liquidate. We’ll take a look at it and give you a price before you know it. Once we come to a agreement on a price for the transaction you can relax and let us do the work. We’ll pay you upfront and arrange to pick up the inventory at your convenience. All the hard work is on us! Having a responsive Liquidation company are a vital ally for smart businesses. We’re the best of them. Give us a call today and let’s start working together! You won’t regret it.

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