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Bulk Inventory Buyers can help you solve problematic Amazon inventory – Ship right to us from FBA warehouses!

There is no doubt that selling on Amazon is becoming harder every day. Maybe your item is too slow moving or the marketplace has become too competitive to make money? Maybe your Amazon fees and storage costs have become too high to be profitable? Maybe your item has become restricted? Maybe your PPC/SEO costs are

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Wholesale Closeout Buyers

Bulk Inventory Buyers is premier closeout buyers & distributors. We are an honest and a trusted resource for many consumer brands for buying and reselling selling their closeouts, excess inventory, and discontinued products outside their normal channels of distribution. Types of Closeouts we buy include: Discontinued Products, Excess Inventory, Overruns, Packaging Changes, Misprints, Bankruptcies, Buy-Backs,

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Bulk Inventory Buyers will purchase your inventory.

We are buyers for excess inventory, and have the ability to buy take-all quantities for immediate shipment and turn your liabilities into cash. Bulk Inventory Buyers is one of the nation’s largest closeout buyers & distributors. We are a trusted resource for many of the world’s largest consumer brands for buying and reselling selling their

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What is Excess & Overstock Inventory?

Bulk Inventory Buyers can help you turn your excess and overstock inventory into cash. What is excess and overstock Inventory? Excess inventory, Overstock, Ageing stock, or surplus inventory, is the consequence of some type of mismanagement of stock demand due to factors consisting of over-buying, Seasonal Overstock, inaccurate projections, canceled orders, bad economy, unexpected climate

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Bulk Inventory Buyers will help your sell your overstock inventory

Bulk Inventory Buyers will help you sell your overstock inventory If you want to sell your overstock, you can convert your surplus inventory into cash now and help improve your business. Selling your closeout merchandise significantly helps your company’s cash flow and bottom line. By selling overstock to Bulk Inventory Buyers you can get back

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Turn Inventory Into Cash Today!

Turn Your Merchandise Into Money Today, Not Tomorrow! If you want to sell your overstock and surplus inventory to Bulk Inventory Buyers today, simply fill out our online form and attach any necessary photos to help us make a decision. We are always looking for new closeout to buy, meaning that there are always opportunities

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We Are Inventory and Closeout Buyers

We are inventory and Closeout Buyers Looking To Buy Right Now!  Bulk Inventory Buyers is always interested in what you have to sell for any reason, from a few cases to truck loads. Not only can you purchase all of the quality closeouts that you need from us, but we’re also closeout buyers as well! We purchase

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Bulk Inventory Buyers Specializes

What Does Bulk Inventory Buyers Specialize in? Bulk Inventory Buyers specializes in selling Liquidated Merchandise from many of the nation’s largest retail, big-box chains, and online retailers for pennies on the dollar. If you’re looking for shelf pulls, overstocks, closeouts, display models, product withdrawals, discontinued, clearance items, and customer returns, we’ve got them all. We work

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What is Excess Inventory

WHAT IS EXCESS INVENTORY? By definition, excess inventory is inventory that a retailer no longer wants sitting on store shelves or a manufacturer wants out of their warehouse. Large retailers need to constantly clear out their remaining old inventory to make room for the new. Large retailers must keep up with the latest products and replenish their

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Wholesale Liquidators. What To Know!

Wholesale Liquidators And Auction Liquidators. What You Should Know. Wholesale liquidators are suppliers who have huge selections of wholesale, closeout, overstock, and surplus merchandise in their own warehouses. Frequently, they do buy directly from large retailers. These large retailers, however, add markups since they house hundreds of thousands of products and need to remain profitable.

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Bulk Inventory Buyers is THE premier closeout buyer. Money in your pocket now!

Bulk Inventory Buyers  is a reliable resource for liquidating and selling your closeouts, surplus, and overstock inventory. Our goal is to provide our customers with a liquidation service that is reliable, efficient, and cost effective. Bulk Inventory Buyers is one of the largest inventory liquidators specializing all types of closeout merchandise. We are a reliable closeout and

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Bulk Inventory Buyers Help Companies Solve Many Problems With Their Excess Inventory

Bulk Inventory Buyers can help you solve many problems. Besides being extremely easy to work with, Bulk Inventory Buyers can (and do) the following: Improve earnings per share, generate immediate cash flow and improve company’s balance sheet Eliminate markdowns/losses usually associated with problematic assets Free up valuable warehouse space Clean out your stale merchandise and

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Bulk Inventory Buyers Wants To Purchase Your Closeout Inventory

Having the right partner in this evolving and competitive retail marketplace is important. When selling your overstock, overruns, liquidations, closeouts, discontinued items and surplus lots, Bulk Inventory Buyers is THE wholesale distributor you can trust to channel your merchandise to final sale—quickly, professionally, and efficiently. Decades of market expertise with an untouchable reputation. In this industry,

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Bulk Inventory Buyers Purchases Excess Inventory and Closeouts

When you sell to Bulk Inventory Buyers, our long closeout experience guarantees that the deal is done right. We take every precaution to see that the vendor’s primary distribution channel is not disrupted; we only sell to end users. Our state of the art warehouses can receive and distribute any size inventories. This allows our

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How To Sell Excess Inventory To Bulk Inventory Buyers

Have you ever wondered how to sell excess inventory? Who do you contact, are they going to be professional that will minimize your time and maximize your money or people that aren’t experienced. Well, Bulk Inventory Buyers are here for you, we have been buying excess inventory for more than three years now. We have

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Why Is Inventory Software So Important?

Through out years, we always see companies that don’t use inventory software. We become completely puzzled at this, since it’s manages the most important aspect of many business.. Your inventory! Running a small business is far from easy, but if you don’t have inventory software you’re making it just harder. Every day brings new challenges, some of

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We Can Be Your Surplus Liquidators

Are you looking for a easy way to turn excess stock into cash, freeing up both space and much needed resources? Surplus liquidators like Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc can help do just that. Forget the hassles of dealing with other companies, we pride ourselves on our smooth professional surplus liquidation process that puts you, the client’s

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Why We are The Right Liquidation Company For You

The hard truth is not everything you stock sells the way you had hoped it would. When faced with this situation the wise move is to explore liquidation companies, like our own Bulk Inventory Buyers, Inc., to sell your overstock and recoup some of your hard earned financial resources. Finding the right Liquidation Company is a crucial

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Why We Are Different Than Many Liquidation Companies

If you’ve ever tried to get rid of all your excess inventory you know what a problem it can be. It can be a virtual nightmare with many liquidation companies. We aren’t just boosting about ourselves here, we truly believe we have a better liquidation service. There tons of liquidation companies, so you might be asking

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Small Business Inventory Software Importance

Running a small business is far from easy. Every day brings new challenges, some of them unexpected. However one of the biggest challenges, thankfully, can be prepared for and minimized with just one smart buying decision and just a little effort. Managing inventory doesn’t have to be a hard thing, there tons of small business

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Inventory Templates: Why are they Important and How are they Used!

It may sound cliche but planning does make perfect. You’ve never heard of someone driving cross country without directions and a map or a architect trying to build a new house without a blue print have you? No, and for good reason. Now why would a business attempt to keep track of their inventory without

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Closing a Business: Company Liquidation Process

It’s often a tough and painful decision to close a business. But when you take that big step, having the proper knowledge on how to “liquidate” (or turn into cash) what remains of your business that has value (it’s assets) can mean the difference between smooth sailing and big, big headaches. Company Liquidation doesn’t have to

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Selling Excess Items with the Help of Inventory Liquidators

There are times when a business need to sell their excess inventory immediately for a number of reasons. However, very few such businesses know how to sell that type of inventory to the right buyer at the most profitable price.  It’s important to us that with help business owners and employees by being a professional

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Boxes of inventory

Merchandise Liquidators Ready For Your Call

If your company sells any sort of merchandise, sooner or later you’ll end up with stock that’s not selling and taking up space. That’s a business reality. It’s also why we as merchandise liquidators help your company recover the cost of the merchandise. Rather than taking up space in your warehouse, we provide a return

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How Liquidation Websites Changed Business

Creation of liquidation websites The internet has changed how businesses interact with other businesses and customers. The internet isn’t new, yet most companies don’t utilize the internet to the fullest degree. Throughout our dealings with many companies, they fail to realize the new marketplace that has been created online. Liquidation websites have replaced “your guy,”

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Surplus Liquidators That Buy From Company with Risk Inventory

Surplus inventory liquidation can be a major challenge for any company and especially considering that it is a new concept to many business owners. However, with the help of surplus liquidators like ourselves, this process can go smoothly, and bringing your company much needed benefits by reducing your risk by not allowing inventory to sit around to waste

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